Jun 7, 2019

HWR #334: The Death Rider Arrives

Tonight, Abel and Chris talk about NXT Takeover, NJPW Best of Super Juniors Finale, WWE Super Showdown, AAAND NJPW Dominion. Here we go... (Trash Boat - Given Up')

May 30, 2019

HWR #333: Did AEW Hit the Jackpot with ‘Double or Nothing’?

Tonight, Arnold, Abel, and Chris talk about all the goings on that was AEW's Double or Nothing show, as well as break down the 25th edition of NXT Takeover. (Jimmy Eat World - 'Big Casino')

May 24, 2019

HWR #332: The ‘E’ in ‘WWE’ Doesn’t Stand for Elite

Tonight, the focus is on this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing event. But first, we cover the headlines stemming from WWE's Money in the Bank event, as well as the debut of WWE's newest title. (Motorhead - Live to Win')

May 16, 2019

HWR #331: Money in the Bank(rupt) Predictions

Guess who's back? Tonight the trio break down this week's WWE event, as well as other news. (Slipknot - 'Unsainted')

Apr 21, 2019

HWR #330: Superstar Sha… Dafuq is the Viking Experience???

Raw And SmackDown trade stars between themselves, pluck a few from NXT, and the end of The Shield is finally here. All the fallout from the Superstar Shakeup, plus a shakeup within HWR on today's episode. (A_Rival - 'Main Theme from Street Fighter X Mega Man/Guile's Stage')

Apr 11, 2019

HWR #329: Wrestlemania 35 Weekend Hangover Edition

Takeover. Supercard. Mania. Raw. Smackdown. 5 nights of results covered in two hours. We... might need some help with this one. (AJR - '100 Bad Days')

Apr 8, 2019

HWR #328: Hunter, Kiss My Ass! (Wrestlemania 35 Weekend Preview Special)

NXT Takeover: 'New York', ROH & NJPW G1 Supercard, & Wrestlemania 35. We talk about it all here, plus our thoughts on John Oliver's recent 'Last Week Tonight' episode, and maybe even some football... (MegaRan - 'Going to the Garden'/Billie Eilish - 'You Should See Me in a Crown')

Apr 3, 2019

HWR Rewind: 2015 Mania Madness

To whom it may concern,


   Chances are i won't have enough time to edit this year's Wrestlemania Weekend preview episode before my flight to New York City. Regardless, i didn't want to leave you podcasters without anything to tide you over til then. Knowing this, i took some down time (sick time) to compile all the segments that make up 2015's HWR Mania Madness. It's a fun listen. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i do. I'll do my best to have the newest episode uploaded before Mania, but at the latest, it'll be available sometime Monday. Toodles!


 - Chris.

Mar 28, 2019

HWR #327: A Refreshing Afternoon?

We're just days away from Wrestlemania 35, but does it feel like it? Lucha Underground loses a few wrestlers, AAA gains a former UFC Champ, and both NXT's are up to big things. (It Dies Today - 'On the Road to Damnation')

Mar 21, 2019

HWR #326: KofiMania Runnin Mild

With WrestleMania weeks away, do we finally have a WWE title match booked??? No... ugh... (Real Friends - 'Duality')

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