Feb 11, 2018

HWR #271: Royal Rumble Hangover

Stuff happened. We talk about it... NXT & 205, they had things... Chamber is coming up. AJ has a title defense before Mania. ...Can we just get to Mania? (The Color Morale - 'Stare into the Sun')


Feb 4, 2018

HWR #270: Let’s Get Rowdy!

T'was a long weekend! NXT Takeover, WWE Royal Rumble, NJPW New Beginnings... We break it all down here. (Papa Roach - 'Born for Greatness')


Jan 27, 2018

HWR #269: It’s Been 25 Years…

Tonight's episode of Houston Wrestling Radio is sponsored by ICOPRO. You've gotta want it!!


Jan 21, 2018

HWR #268: Those Wild Samoans!

One gets a DWI. One gets listed as a steroid user. Neither sells headbutts. Another week of WWE programming ending with the Mixed Match Challenge. (Motionless in White - 'Du Hast')


Jan 15, 2018

HWR #267: NJPW = New Jericho Pro Wrestling

WrestleKingdom 12!!! (and WWE too, i guess.) (Fozzy - 'Shine Forever')


Jan 10, 2018

HWR #266: 準備はいいですか (Are You Ready?)

NJPW's Wrestlekingdom 12 is hours away, but we still have to address NXT, Raw, and SmackDown Live. (Fozzy - Judas)


Dec 31, 2017

HWR 2017 Year in Review Special

2017 has come and gone. Time to review the highs, the lows, and declare our match of the year!


Dec 27, 2017

HWR #265: Playing Chess With Napoleon

Broken Matt is now playing chess with fish.. is that progress? Is the XFL a thing again? The revival of the Revival! Oh, and Clash of Champions happened... (Cake - 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket')


Dec 23, 2017

HWR #264: Front Row Invasion? Yep! Delightful!

Aaron Garcia joins Abel tonight! Broken Hardy is still a thing, NXT had a few good matches, and it's almost time for our Year In Review episode! (CFO$ - 'Undisputed')


Dec 18, 2017

HWR #263: Matt Don’t Get Woke, He STAY Woke!!

The broken vessel reawakens, Mojo thinks he's ready to be on his own, Gabba Gabba Gulak leads the Zo train on 205, and more. (All That Remains - 'Now Let Them Tremble')


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