Jan 15, 2018

HWR #267: NJPW = New Jericho Pro Wrestling

WrestleKingdom 12!!! (and WWE too, i guess.) (Fozzy - 'Shine Forever')


Jan 10, 2018

HWR #266: 準備はいいですか (Are You Ready?)

NJPW's Wrestlekingdom 12 is hours away, but we still have to address NXT, Raw, and SmackDown Live. (Fozzy - Judas)


Dec 31, 2017

HWR 2017 Year in Review Special

2017 has come and gone. Time to review the highs, the lows, and declare our match of the year!


Dec 27, 2017

HWR #265: Playing Chess With Napoleon

Broken Matt is now playing chess with fish.. is that progress? Is the XFL a thing again? The revival of the Revival! Oh, and Clash of Champions happened... (Cake - 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket')


Dec 23, 2017

HWR #264: Front Row Invasion? Yep! Delightful!

Aaron Garcia joins Abel tonight! Broken Hardy is still a thing, NXT had a few good matches, and it's almost time for our Year In Review episode! (CFO$ - 'Undisputed')


Dec 18, 2017

HWR #263: Matt Don’t Get Woke, He STAY Woke!!

The broken vessel reawakens, Mojo thinks he's ready to be on his own, Gabba Gabba Gulak leads the Zo train on 205, and more. (All That Remains - 'Now Let Them Tremble')


Dec 6, 2017

HWR #262: Let’s Start A RiotttTTtttTTtttT

Was the week after Survivor Series weekend as good? Probably, probably not... We got names for the the new ladies stables on RAW and Smackdown. Is Matt Hardy breaking or waking?


Dec 2, 2017

HWR #261: A Series of Survival

The Dirty Heelz take over this week, as Chris and Travis breakdown their thoughts on Survivor Series, NXT War Games, Raw and Smackdown, all from Houston! Plus we officialy announce ANOTHER side project: Wrestling Relapse!


Nov 19, 2017

HWR #260: 4 Nights in Houston

The Three Amigos are back together to give our predictions of this weekend's NXT Takeover: War Games and WWE Survivor Series... RIGHT HERE... In Houston, Texas!!! (Thrice - Firebreather)


Nov 13, 2017

Wrestling Relapse Episode 0: Welcome to the Relapse!

Hey HWR listeners!  In this debut episode of the Relapse, our hosts Travis and Chris think back about what originally got them hooked into the sport of wrestling and what has made them stay to this day. Do you remember what got you hooked? When you went to your first live event? Were you WWF or WCW?? We talk about all that and wrap up by teasing some of the things we’ll be doing in upcoming episodes.
If you’ve ever been a wrestling fan as a kid, got into it as an adult, or just been a diehard lifer like us, then hit the subscribe button and download this episode!
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