Nov 13, 2017

Wrestling Relapse Episode 0: Welcome to the Relapse!

Hey HWR listeners!  In this debut episode of the Relapse, our hosts Travis and Chris think back about what originally got them hooked into the sport of wrestling and what has made them stay to this day. Do you remember what got you hooked? When you went to your first live event? Were you WWF or WCW?? We talk about all that and wrap up by teasing some of the things we’ll be doing in upcoming episodes.
If you’ve ever been a wrestling fan as a kid, got into it as an adult, or just been a diehard lifer like us, then hit the subscribe button and download this episode!
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Nov 10, 2017

HWR #259: Back in La Cocina!

The originals are back at La Cocina discussing all the updates for Survivor Series, NXT Takeover, and some intriguing news....


Nov 2, 2017

HWR #258: Best Series Ever?

So it's come down to this: Game 7 of the World Series!! Tonight, Correa, Springer, And Gurriel talk working the pitch count, aiming for the fences, and the odds that we bring home a championship ring. (SPOILER ALERT: WE DID!!!) (Metallica - 'Spit Out The Bone (Live)'/Mayday Parade - 'We Are The Champions')


Oct 28, 2017

HWR #257: Call of Doody: Under Siege

One of us has the runs... We'll let you guess which. Tonight, we recap TLC, break down the start of another brand war, and give our first impressions on what Survivor Series will look like here in Houston. (Sex Bob-Omb - 'Garbage Truck')


Oct 22, 2017

The Dark Match #7: LU Ultima Lucha Tres

Abel and Chris sat down and binge-watched all 4 episodes of Lucha Underground's season finale 'Ultima Lucha Tres'. And now that it's over, we're left with alot more questions than answers! (Senses Fail - 'Mi Amor')


Oct 21, 2017

HWR #256: Tables, Ladders, Chairs, And Popgrabs

So the Shield are goin to squash 5 people just to get Roman over? Jinder wants a one way ticket to Suplex City. NXT continues on their way to Takeover: WAR GAMES here in Houston. ('Cold' - AxeWound)


Oct 11, 2017

HWR #255: Sierra! Hotel! Echo! Echo! Papa!…SHEEP!!!

The Shield reunite, but did it get the reaction it meant to have? Is anyone ready for Asuka? Is Sami really going to Kevin's Heaven?? Abel and Chris go there again on this week's episode. (Papa Roach - 'Help')


Oct 7, 2017

HWR #254: There’s No Place Like Hell

This week, Abel and Chris give their predictions on this weekend's Hell in a Cell event, NXT, and 205 live.


Sep 30, 2017

HWR #253: Certified G’s

What do we got ova here? These cuppa haters review No Mercy, Enzo's 205 storyline and preview Ultima Lucha Tres! (Fozzy - 'Drinkin with Jesus')


Sep 20, 2017

HWR #252: Keeping It One Hundred

Has it already been one hundred episodes of Lucha Underground? How about we also preview No Mercy?? Listen up you ham-n-eggers! (Song: 'Megitsune' - Babymetal)


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