Jan 17, 2019

HWR #317: A Moment of Bl…oobs

Let's see how much of today's episode is focused on boobs... (Miss Fortune - 'Sunflower')


Jan 16, 2019

HWR Dark Match #12: NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool

Chris... And Scott... on a Tuesday?? (Fightstar - 'Colours Bleed To Red')


Jan 13, 2019

HWR #316: Can One Man Be Elite?

AEW is a thing, and man does it got some hype! What does Abel got to say about it? Also, after a brief break, how was RAW and Smackdown? (Taking Back Sunday - 'A Decade Under the Influence')


Jan 7, 2019

HWR Dark Match #11: Wrestle Kingdom 13

One of us saw this LIVE... One of us saw it before we went LIVE on the air tonight. Abel & Chris both review (most of) New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 13. It has provided 'match of the year' candidates for the past 4 years. Will we have another one tonight? ('Zero' from Mega Man X soundtrack)


Dec 27, 2018

HWR’s 2018 Review Special

We try to cram 52 weeks of pro wrestling in 150 minutes. (Mark Morton & Chester Bennington - 'Cross Off')


Dec 20, 2018

HWR #315: And the Crowd Goes… Where’s the Crowd Going?!

Another week of fourth wall-breaking segments, but did it do the trick? We'll find out tonight. (Duckwrth & Shaboozey - 'Start a Riot')


Dec 13, 2018


Raw continues to suffer, Smackdown continues to entertain, NXT continues to showcase potential, and we're weeks away from Wrestlekingdom XIII. But first... Tables, Ladders, And Chairs. (Slipknot - 'Duality (live)')


Dec 5, 2018

HWR #313: Fickle… Fickle… Fickle…

WWE wanted to take Texas by storm... more like a light drizzle? But they'll try again with Elimination Chamber this February. NXT US in front of a bit of a bigger audience this week, and back to back episodes of NXT UK provide great main events. Aaand is that Impact Wrestling making more noise? (Galactic Empire - 'Imperial March')


Dec 1, 2018

HWR #312: Wrestling Leftovers

Add an hour of Starrcade to the already bloated feast of WWE programming. Maybe the best hour this week came from NXT...UK? (Jack White - 'Over and Over and Over')


Nov 22, 2018

HWR #311: Who Really Won This Year’s War for Brand Supremacy?

Raw versus Smackdown... But who came out on top this past weekend? Let's find out... (Drowning Pool - 'Sinner')


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