Nov 10, 2018

HWR Dark Match #10: Ultima Lucha Cuatro

Abel and Chris decided to binge both episodes of Lucha Underground's season finale and bring you a recap of what was, and what could be in store for the future. (Slipknot - 'All Out Life')


Nov 8, 2018

HWR #309: The (Power) Struggle Is Real

The aftermath of WWE Crown Jewel leads quickly into Survivor Series. Are you ready? ...Not sure if we are either. (Foo Fighters - 'Darling Nikki')


Nov 4, 2018

HWR #308: Evolution, Crown Jewel, & Survivor Series… Oh My!!

We had the first all-women WWE pay per view, we're about to have another event in an undisclosed country, and then two weeks around the corner is Survivor Series. We break down as much as we can... or as much as we want tonight. (Little Mix - 'Salute')


Oct 24, 2018

HWR #307: Were You Saying ‘Boo’ or ‘Boo-kemia’?

A devastating announcement to start off Raw, a Pay Per View still in need of a location, and the first WWE women's Pay Per View. We cover as much as we can. (Babymetal - 'Distortion' & Beyonce - 'Run the World (Girls))


Oct 20, 2018

HWR #306: WWE SD1K

We talk about Smack Down 1000, Raw, NXT, Lucha Underground, and even... some... Impact?? (Disturbed - 'Who Taught You How To Hate?')


Oct 11, 2018

HWR #305: We’re Back from a Land Down Under!

Did we see all of the Super Show-Down? Nah. Are we gonna talk about it? I guess... Plus, Lucha Underground and New Japan talk... Are you ready? (Pellek - 'Down Under')


Oct 5, 2018

HWR #304: The Thunder from Down Under Prediction Show

Are you ready... ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER 5 HOUR WWE EVENT?! Tonight, Abel & Chris try their damnest to break down all the goins ons of this Saturday's show. (Coheed & Cambria - 'Unheavenly Creatures')


Sep 27, 2018

HWR #303: That One Night in Milwaukee

Looks like Brie is at it again... Pete Dunne and Ricochet steal the show, and there's drama going down in Lucha Underground. (Muse - 'Pressure')


Sep 23, 2018

HWR #302: #BullShitCity

Well, that WWE PPV sure was helll, eh? Abel and Chris are back at HQ to figure out an explanation for the ending, as well as the rest of the week in pro wrestling. (Five Finger Death Punch - 'The Bleeding')


Sep 12, 2018

HWR #301: Hell in a Cell Prediction Episode

It's official: we've run out of catchy episode titles. Regardless, Abel and Chris will try their best to successfully predict this Sunday's Hell in a Cell event... Right there! In San Antonio, Texas! (Thrice - 'Branch in the River')


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