Sep 23, 2018

HWR #302: #BullShitCity

Well, that WWE PPV sure was helll, eh? Abel and Chris are back at HQ to figure out an explanation for the ending, as well as the rest of the week in pro wrestling. (Five Finger Death Punch - 'The Bleeding')


Sep 12, 2018

HWR #301: Hell in a Cell Prediction Episode

It's official: we've run out of catchy episode titles. Regardless, Abel and Chris will try their best to successfully predict this Sunday's Hell in a Cell event... Right there! In San Antonio, Texas! (Thrice - 'Branch in the River')


Sep 5, 2018

HWR Dark Match #9: All In

Chris returns from Chicago, to talk with Abel about all things All In. What are the highs? What are the lows? Is there a match of the year candidate on this pay per view? Where the hell is the weekly episode?? (Staind - 'Now')


Aug 29, 2018

HWR #300: A Very Special Edition!!!

From October 2012 through August 2018, There was one constant: Houston Wrestling Radio. ... Sometimes on Tuesday... Sometimes on Wednesday. Tonight we give our predictions for ALL IN, as well as breakdown this week's laundry list of wrestling. Thanks for your support!! (Downstait - 'Kingdom')


Aug 23, 2018

HWR #299: A Very Special Edition?

It's been a summerslam weekend. Now it's our mission to recap it all. Can we all agree on a match of the week? Maybe even a match of the year? (Thrice - 'Only Us')


Aug 15, 2018

HWR #298: Can NXT Takeover Summerslam Weekend Again?

We break down the cards for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV, And WWE Summerslam, but first, we find out if we have another match of the year candidate from NJPW's G1 Climax 28 finals weekend. (Childish Gambino - 'Feels Like Summer)


Aug 10, 2018

HWR #297: Un-de-fea…d-oh!!

Raw is bore, talking smack, NXT takes over early, lucha underground, and climaxing for new japan. (Project X - 'Air Man'/'Wily's Castle')


Aug 2, 2018

HWR #296: Un-de-fea-ted!!

This week we are at it again! People are booing Brock and cheering for Roman. So crazy! Is Matt Hardy retiring? Bianca Belair has a high opinion of herself. NJPW has heated up again with the G1 Climax! (Bullet for my Valentine - 'Radioactive')


Jul 28, 2018

HWR #295: Evolution Is A Mystery

This week Stephanie McMahon announced that WWE will have an all-women's ppv!.... in October? That's a long wait! Why? Also, Miz & Mrs debuted... did we care? Apparently, Impact had an amazing ppv! (Motorhead - 'Line in the Sand')


Jul 23, 2018

HWR #294: Elevated Body Count

The rules this week were extreme in WWE, but did anybody DIE??? Because Lucha Underground had someone DIE!!!.... again... (Downstait - 'Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim')


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