Nov 24, 2019

HWR #347: WWE: Civil War (War Games III & Survivor Series)

Brand supremacy, you say? (Poppy - Concrete')

Nov 10, 2019

HWR #346: AEW’s Maximum Effort into Full Gear

Tonight, Abel & Chris talk brand supremacy within WWE, the first month of the Wednesday night war, and then we breakdown AEW's first pay per view since their debut on TNT. (Fozzy - 'Nowhere to Run')

Oct 18, 2019

HWR #345: Bound for Glory

Tonight, Chris and Abel cover all the fallout from the latest WWE Draft, another round between AEW and NXT, the return of NWA, and we end the show with a quick preview of Impact's Bound for Glory. (Dokken - 'Into the Fire')

Oct 8, 2019

HWR #344: Round One… FIGHT!!

Tonight is all about the first night in the Wednesday night war between AEW and WWE NXT. Which was the better show? Which is appointment viewing? Was there a match of the year candidate this week? Plus, the one two combo of Smackdown's 20th anniversary on FOX and Hell in a Cell. (Bullet for my Valentine - 'Your Betrayal'/Metallica - 'No Leaf Clover')

Sep 26, 2019

HWR #343: A New War for a New Generation

NXT vs AEW. Enough said. (Social Distortion - 'Reach for the Sky')

Sep 14, 2019

HWR #342: The Garden Party

Were two nights inside Madison Square Garden from the WWE a bigger impact that a night in Chicago for AEW? We also preview the live debut of NXT on USA. (Green Day - 'Father of All Motherfuckers')

Aug 31, 2019

HWR #341: The Triple Header

Did you know that AEW's All Out, NJPW's Royal Quest, and NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff are all happening on the same day?? Well Chris & Abel try their best to cover it all, as well as mention a few headlines that happened within the past few weeks. (Fozzy - Shepherd of Fire)

Aug 15, 2019

HWR #340: Was It Good For You, Too? - The Summerslam 2K19 Weekend Edition

After a long week of wrestling, Arnold returns by requesting we record an unscheduled episode. So you can either thank him, or blame him. We talk about the climax of NJPW's G1 tournament, break down NXT Takeover: Toronto Deux, all the goings on of WWE Summerslam, and a few things that happened since. Hope you enjoy this episode. Whoop whoop. (Okilly Dokilly - 'You're a Jerk'/Blink 182 - 'Built This Pool' & 'Family Reunion')

Aug 8, 2019

HWR #339: Abel & Chris Go World… Wide!!

Tonight, Abel & Chris go to Japan to talk about the G1 Climax, Then to Mexico to talk TripleMania, and finally Canada for Summerslam weekend. Get your passports ready! (Offspring - 'Americana')

Jul 12, 2019

HWR #338: The War (Officially) Begins Now

AEW vs WWE. NJPW's G1 Climax. Maybe even some Impact. Here we go... (Year of the Knife - 'Sick Statistic')

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