Apr 22, 2018

HWR #281: Another Year, Another Shakeup

It's that time of the year to shake things up between RAW and SmackDown Live. Which brand made itself better? Which made it worse? What the hell is a War Raider?? (Breaking Benjamin - 'Torn In Two')


Apr 15, 2018

HWR #280: Wrestlemania 34 Weekend - The Review Episode

Impact vs Lucha Underground. NXT Takeover: New Orleans. ROH Supercard of Honor 12. Wrestlemania 34... We cover it all!! (Sum 41 - 'The Bitter End')


Apr 5, 2018

HWR #279: Wrestlemania 34 Weekend - The Preview Episode

ROH Supercard of Honor 12. NXT Takeover. WWE Wrestlemania. Tonight, from... Parts unknown... Our prediction show for the weekend of them all!!! (Metallica - 'Turn the Page'; Cane Hill - 'Lord of Flies'; Kid Rock - 'New Orleans' & 'American Bad Ass (live)')


Apr 2, 2018

HWR #278: New Japan Rising?

We're two weeks away from Wrestlemania weekend... but did New Japan already raise the expectations far too high for another promotion to reach? (KASZIN - 'Stardust')


Mar 29, 2018

HWR #277: Yestlemania 2!

We might be three weeks away from Mania, but we're 4 days away from Strong Style Evolved!! ...but who fucking cares?.. DANIEL BRYAN IS CLEARED TO WRESTLE AGAIN!!! (Europe - 'The Final Countdown (live)')


Mar 18, 2018

HWR #276: Finally… We’re on the Road to Wrestlemania

No more brand exclusive pay per views. No more road blocks. No more detours. We're 4 weeks away from Wrestlemania Weekend in New Orleans! (Evile - 'Cemetary Gates')


Mar 11, 2018

HWR #275: HOV Lane

WWE FastLane is this weekend. We preview the entire card. How will this affect WrestleMania? Also, NJPW and NXT hand some noteworthy bits, too. And Sami Callahan almost killed Eddie Edwards! Sheesh! (Megadeth - 'Symphony of Destruction')


Mar 4, 2018

HWR #274: The Roman Paradox

You really thought someone OTHER than Roman was going to win the men's Chamber match?? (Excision - 'The Paradox')


Feb 25, 2018

HWR #273: Get to the Chamber!!!

It's time for the Elimination Cha... wait... is that... Arnold?! (Senses Fail - 'Mouth for War')


Feb 25, 2018

HWR #272: You Get A Shot, You Get A Shot… EVERYONE Gets A Shot!!!

Was it another week of filler on the road to Mania?.. Or FastLane?.. Or Elimination Chamber??? (Okilly Dokilly - 'You're a Jerk')


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