Jan 23, 2017

HWR Turnbuckle Theater #1 - The True Story of Royal Rumble

In this debut episode of this series, we recap the new True Story of the Royal Rumble DVD documentary, as well as revisiting our own personal favorite moments, matches, and surprises from one of the Big Four PPVs of the year.


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Jan 22, 2017

HWR #217 LIVE!! - WWE Heading Towards a Rumble, Death Comes to Lucha Underground

This week we're talking about Ziggler's attack on Jerry Lawler, the women's steel cage match surprise, Lesnar attacks everyone on Raw as they get ready for the Rumble, Asuka makes a challenge on NXT, someone forfeits on 205 Live, and oh yeah, way may have yet another death on Lucha Underground..


Jan 16, 2017

HWR Dark Match: WWE UK Championship Tournament!

In this episode of Dark Match, Chris & Travis breakdown the WWE UK Championship Tournament! They give their thoughts on the new champ as well as the other competitors, the matches, setting, and potential storylines coming out of the 2 night event.


Jan 12, 2017

HWR #216 - Taker Returns! Gold for Y2J! Ziggler Snaps! Getting Ready for the Rumble!

In this episode we talk about Undertaker's return on Raw & Jericho's US Title win and what that could mean. Over on Smackdown, we cover Ziggler's furthered heel turn, dissension within the Wyatt family and how Corben faired against John Cena. We also take a look at 205 Live, NXT, and...Impact?!


Jan 7, 2017

HWR Dark Match: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 Review!

Chris & Travis do a quick review of this years' Wrestle Kingdom! They do a run through of some of the matches that they enjoyed as highlights from the 11th annual event from Tokyo Dome! Do we have a match of the year candidate? Find out here!


Jan 2, 2017

HWR 2016 Year End Review Spectular

We're breaking down the year in review of all the ups & downs in WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, and more! We name our Match of the Year, best male & female wrestlers, best feud and more! What are we looking forward to in 2017? Find out in this episode!


Dec 25, 2016

HWR Live #214 Roadblock review, build to Royal Rumble, Deletion talk and more!

Join us live for weekly wrestling discussion podcast! We go over WWE's final ppv of the year, RoadBlock! How is this affecting the Royal Rumble? We also go over the sideshow known as Total Nonstop Deletion!


Dec 15, 2016

HWR SHOW #213!! - RoadBlock Preview, New Day Demolishes Record, NXT Nonsense

In this episode we are giving our thoughts & predictions for this weekend's WWE Roadblock: End of the Line PPV.  We also cover New Day's record breaking title reign, as well as other booking issues that's affecting the Raw brand.  Smackdown has been doing a lot of good things with their main event scene, and we give our thoughts on that as well.  NXT has a new champ, is that a good thing or bad?  We start the show off with some news, and end it on a Deletion.  Also, #PushKeepFire returns!


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Dec 9, 2016

HWR SHOW #212!! - TLC Review, Charlotte’s Promo, Ellsworth, Trump & Linda, & More!

We're back!  This week we breakdown WWE TLC & Smackdown and how the AJ Styles, Ambrose, Ellsworth storyline is playing out; we talk about the awesome promo from Charlotte and how lately it seems RAW is getting a little more 'attitude'; we cover some news & notes on NXT and 205 Live; breakdown the episode-long gauntlet match on Lucha Underground; and lastly talk a little about Donald Trump appointing Linda McMahon to head of Small Business Administration.

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Oct 28, 2016

Johnny Mundo Interview

Lucha Underground is coming to town this weekend and we got a chance to interview Johnny Mundo! We talked all about the event, his various nicknames, what he thinks about his upcoming Nunchuck match with Drago and what haircare products he uses! Make sure you come out to see him this Saturday at the Cricket Wireless Storn on 5035 HWY 6 North 1 to 3pm for a special Meet and Greet and then watch him in action at Trader's Village on Sunday and doors open at 12pm!


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